Consumer Reports survey offers good news about furniture deliveries

YONKERS, N.Y. — A new survey from Consumer Reports reveals that only a small minority of furniture recipients have a negative experience during the delivery process.

According to the survey, only 6{afa52d6733b09333284c8e547a1e74a226467be998683cd3db655b6cf6fad124} of those who purchased furniture in a retail location and 10{afa52d6733b09333284c8e547a1e74a226467be998683cd3db655b6cf6fad124} of those who bought furniture online received an item that had been damaged or was missing parts. Also, 6{afa52d6733b09333284c8e547a1e74a226467be998683cd3db655b6cf6fad124} of purchasers experienced a delay in delivery.

Consumer Reports reached out to more than 38,000 of its members who had furniture delivered over the past few months for the survey.

Another encouraging statistic is that most of the Consumer Reports members surveyed did not return their home furnishings purchases, whether bought in-store or online. And, when they did, the most common reason was that the item had arrived damaged or with missing parts. Only a small minority of purchasers returned items because the quality, comfort or color wasn’t

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